Engineer seeks additional income for overpass repair

Licking County Engineer Bill Lozier has asked for roughly $10.9 million from a county subsequent year for his bureau and a highway garage.

That reflects a $1.9 million boost from a 2014 budget, according to Nick Adams, a commissioners’ emissary clerk of financial and budget.

About $3.9 million of Lozier’s ask addresses correct or replacing during slightest 17 of a county’s bum bridges. State and sovereign appropriation should compensate for 3 additional bridges subsequent year, Lozier said, while work underway on 3 some-more bridges should move a sum to 23 spans in 2015.

Last year, a commissioners upheld a $1 boost in a genuine estate vehicle price and a $5 boost in a approving permit taxation to assistance account highway and overpass correct in a county. Lozier seeks a multiple of those funds, fastening and an additional ubiquitous account grant to compensate for his 2015 overpass program.

Commissioner Tim Bubb pronounced a county might not have a income to account that ask though a state and sovereign governments committing to putting some-more income behind into infrastructure.

“We’ll try to, though it might be unfit for us to financial $10.8 million,” he said.

Lozier’s bureau is obliged for 433 bridges in a county, with 82 of them listed in bad condition.

This year, Lozier’s bureau — in-house and by employing contractors — remade or transposed 20 bridges, with work still underway on three. He hopes to surpass that gait subsequent year.

This year, a county had to reinstate 6 culverts that were not formerly scheduled for work. Also this year, dual county bridges unsuccessful dramatically.

In August, an overloaded dump lorry pennyless by a wooden rug of a overpass on Smith Chapel Road, north of Hanover, and finished adult stranded on steel beams for several hours. That overpass stays sealed and is scheduled for correct subsequent year.

Heavy rainfall Apr 3 cleared out a culvert during a run to Moot’s Run and collapsed partial of York Road, between Morse and Wesleyan Church roads, about 11/2 miles south of a rotate of Ohio 161 and York Road in Saint Albans Township. The chasm left a 150-foot hole.

Lozier still hopes to finish deputy of that culvert this year, though contractors have been foiled by solidified fill dirt, that has resisted efforts to compress it, he said. That widen of a highway stays closed, for now, as work continues.

Contractors transposed another overpass on York Road, to a north of a culvert, this year. That overpass had been on a 50 percent bucket rebate and had been scheduled for deputy in 2015, though a work was changed to this year to concede complicated construction trucks to entrance a culvert site.

The commissioners are hosting departmental bill hearings by Tuesday for a 2015 General Fund budget. Lozier presented his due bill Thursday afternoon.

So far, county dialect heads have submitted requests totaling $52.3 million for subsequent year, Adams said. That compares with a 2014 General Fund bill of $50.4 million.

The commissioners will approve an halt bill by a finish of Dec and a final bill by Mar 31, Adams said.


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Alibaba’s Finance Arm, Ant Financial, Is a Mystery to Most Investors

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Is Smith & Wesson Holding Corp a Good Sin Stock to Buy?

Photo: Greta Ceresini, Flickr

You’ve listened of socially obliged investing (SRI), where investors drive transparent of certain industries — for example, guns, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, troops equipment, and prisons — on principle, objecting to their purpose in society. But have we suspicion of investing in these industries on purpose, and adding a impiety batch or dual to your portfolio? If so, we competence wish to cruise Smith Wesson Holding Corp (NASDAQ: SWHC  ) , a vital gun manufacturer.

It’s not such a crazy idea, as prolonged as your values assent it. The USA Mutuals Barrier Investor (MUTF: VICEX) mutual fund, for example, focuses a resources usually on “sin” stocks, and has outperformed the SP 500 over a past 5 and 10 years (though it lags it a bit over a past three).

Gun magazines — a other kind — reflecting a large business.
Photo: Rick, Flickr 

Why competence we buy Smith Wesson Holding Corp?

Guns have been renouned in America for generations. You competence consider that regenerated seductiveness in gun control following some of a mass shootings in new years is spiteful business for Smith Wesson and Sturm, Ruger, and Company, a usually dual U.S.-based gun makers, yet you’d be wrong. Indeed, between 2003 and 2013, Smith Wesson’s sales soared more than tenfold. Part of a reason for this is that some folks are stocking adult in expectation of tighter regulations, yet some see this slowing down now, and government has ratcheted down expectations for 2015.

Indeed, in a final reported quarter, income forsaken 23% year over year, while gain per share plunged 35%. Rifle sales were generally weak. Still, distinction margins, both sum and net, have been rising over a past decade, and recently topped 40% and 13%, respectively. Management has pronounced that a association has been holding marketplace share from a rivals, too.

Smith Wesson’s batch gratefulness is another appealing factor, as a P/E ratio has recently been nearby 8, and a forward-looking P/E nearby 11. (The aloft destiny P/E competence seem like a concern, as it reflects reduce approaching gain in a entrance year, yet that’s partly due to high inventory, that isn’t a durability condition.) Its price-to-sales ratio is 1.0, a bit aloft than a five-year normal of 0.9, yet in a same ballpark.

Regulations plea a industry.
Photo: David Ohmer, Flickr

Why competence we drive transparent of Smith Wesson Holding Corp?

So because competence we equivocate Smith Wesson as an investment, values and views on weaponry and assault aside? Well, there is a larger risk of tightened regulations on a attention these days. Smart guns are another new concern. They shorten who can fire them, as they’re wirelessly connected to a watch. They’re expensive, though, and not a ideal solution. And Smith Wesson isn’t indispensably cursed if they take hold, as it can make them, too. (Though, interestingly, a association lost business some-more than a decade ago, when it attempted to work with attention reformers.)

Still, a attention is in a bit of motion these days, as several states order gun-control legislation and several gun-makers respond, mostly by moving geographically to friendlier regions. The association anticipates bad opening in 2015, and giveaway money upsurge has depressed given 2013.

The batch also offers no dividend, that competence be a deal-breaker for some. Dividends are mostly benefaction when a association is large and generating arguable money over what is indispensable to fuel or say growth. Smith Wesson is regulating a money for other purposes, such as reinvesting in a business and shopping behind some shares — a intelligent pierce when shares are undervalued.

Finally, drive transparent of Smith Wesson if we can’t stomach volatility. In 2014, a batch surged some 30% and afterwards plunged. Overall, it’s down about 6% over a past year — and has averaged annual gains of 21% over a past decade.

For those who can hoop volatility, though, and who aren’t uneasy by a impiety stock, Smith Wesson is worth a closer look. Its low cost offers a domain of reserve for studious investors. Its destiny is distant from certain, though, in a republic where there is ascent renouned support for gun control, so risk-averse investors competence wish to demeanour elsewhere.

Smith Wesson pays no dividend, yet these tip division bonds do
The smartest investors know that division bonds simply vanquish their non-dividend profitable counterparts over a prolonged term. Thus, the tip analysts put together a report on a organisation of high-yielding stocks that should be in any income investor’s portfolio. To see the giveaway news on these stocks, just click here.

8 things to know about budgeting for a large family

Budgeting for a vast family means stretching resources and creation expenditures do double avocation (or more). Here are 8 check categories to assistance we use it up, wear it out, make it do or go without.

Clothing. Shop clearway sales with shreds in mind. It’s critical to remember that a small additional income upfront for peculiarity garments creates for sturdier shreds and estimable destiny savings.

Lessons/sports/musical instruments. Limit a series of activities children attend in. Parents might confirm to let any child select one competition and one low-pitched instrument. This not usually saves on upfront registration fees though also on gas income spent using children to and from lessons, practices and games. Sports apparatus and low-pitched instruments can also be upheld on to younger brothers and sisters, formulating some-more savings.

Groceries. Buy in bulk. A freezer is a sound investment for a vast family. It allows relatives to batch adult when bread, butter, cheese, beef and other staples are on sale.

Grow a garden. If we have a vast family, we have a workforce to grow a good garden. Gardening provides uninformed furnish during a significantly improved cost than a furnish aisle or farmer’s markets. Compare a cost of one tomato seedling to purchasing a series of tomatoes that plant can produce.

Entertainment. Community resources such as a library, parks, internal hiking and distraction centers offer giveaway or scarcely giveaway activities. The good thing about vast families is that they have many opposite personalities—which creates for memory-making, extemporaneous fun.

Gifts. Limit presents and simplify. Everyone appreciates a courteous present from a heart. Make presents personal gifts of time. Any child would suffer a banking from relatives for an afternoon snowball war. Also, cruise that a present for one child can be common with another, so expelling a need for so many gifts.

Heating and cooling. Setting your winter thermostat to 68 degrees instead of 70 degrees can save 10 dollars on your monthly heating bill. Likewise, lifting your summer thermostat to 78 degrees yields a reduce cooling bill.

Short-term savings. Make it automatic. Set adult a monthly volume to be eliminated to a short-term assets account. Unplanned losses come adult constantly with school-aged children: respect hurl trips, finish of entertain trips, bar fees and several other propagandize associated reserve and activities.

Long-term savings. Set adult an involuntary send to a banking establishment that is apart from where your checking and short-term assets accounts are. To keep assets long-term, they need to be some-more formidable to access. Set discipline for what long-term assets might be used for, and use short-term assets for all else.

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Growth Strategies For Financial Advisors

Financial advisers might be bustling assisting clients grasp their long-term financial goals day to day, though formulation for a destiny is an critical proceed to safeguard a firm’s long-term success. Without correct planning, financial advisers can get stranded in a bland rut that creates it formidable to grow income and enhance over time. Here are 5 strategies to grow your financial advisory firm.

#1: Carve Out a Niche

Many financial advisory firms yield a extended array of services to their clients in sequence to residence a largest probable market. While this plan is effective in creation only about anyone a intensity client, you’re competing with each other financial advisory organisation in a marketplace with really tiny differentiation.

Becoming an consultant in a niche marketplace — such as portion late athletes or a tech village — is mostly a improved approach. By building domain imagination in a tiny niche, you’re means to compute yourself from others, face reduction competition, authority larger loyalty, and potentially clear aloft fees. (For more, see: Money Habits of a Millennials.)

#2: Forge Great Relationships

Referrals from existent clients are one of a best ways for financial advisers to drum adult business, though many firms are calm delivering customary services and reactively watchful for any referrals. Over time, these behaviors can lead to foe cannibalizing your customer base.

By going above and over expectations, your clients are some-more expected to turn code ambassadors for your organisation and offer adult unsolicited introductions. According to several studies, a infancy of people trust referrals from people they know, that means that referrals can be a good proceed to build a customer base. (For more, see: Financial Advisors Need to Seek Out this Group NOW.)

#3: Don’t Compromise on Price

Price is a quarrelsome emanate when using only about any form of business, quite businesses where clients have many choices. In a financial industry, many advisers are endangered about lifting prices for long-term clients, notwithstanding adding new services over time that clear aloft prices.

By clearly identifying how you’re assisting clients grasp their long-term goals, cost selling becomes some-more formidable to quantify and there’s reduction customer recoil from lifting prices. The pivotal is highlighting a ways in that your organisation goes above and over standard services and achieves larger long-term value for clients. (For more, see: How to Be a Top Financial Advisor.)

#4: Maintain Branding

Many financial advisers operative with smaller firms tend to have flattering loose manners surrounding branding. For example, a financial confidant with an old-fashioned LinkedIn form could be promulgation a wrong summary to clients by unwell to prove that they’re operative with a given financial advisory firm.

By gripping websites, amicable media profiles, and other digital profiles present and consistent, clients can be some-more assured in a financial advisory organisation and a employees and partners. Maintaining an ominous blog can also assistance grow an assembly and code recognition over time. (For associated reading, see: Six Things Bad Financial Advisors Do.)

#5: Prefer to Be Unique

Many financial advisory firms yield standardised services with really tiny split from others in a industry. While customer outings to squeeze cooking or go booze tasting yield good networking opportunities, there are many ways that financial advisory firms can go above and beyond.

By tying clients and avoiding vast and unbiased events, financial advisers can equivocate occasions where people feel forced to network. Financial advisers should also be certain that during slightest a entertain of participants are clever advocates that are expected to speak adult a business to impending clients that have been invited. (For more, see: Financial Advisors are Feeling Cyber-insecure.)

The Bottom Line

Financial advisory firms face a lot of competition, that creates it critical to concentration on flourishing your customer base. By gripping these tips in mind, financial advisers can safeguard a long-term success of their firms. (For associated reading, see: How Financial Advisors can Adjust to Robo-Advisors.)

Loretta Lynch’s Money Pot

Prosecutors have taken a yen to polite damage laws, that they’ve used to seaside adult state and metropolitan budgets with sums from confiscated private property. One happy joiner is Attorney General hopeful Loretta Lynch, whose U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Eastern District of New York has been an eager grabber of private assets.

Prosecutors adore a use since it allows them to seize money and skill before a aim is charged with a crime. Intended to be used opposite drug dealers and their ill-gotten…

Bank executive among finalists to be Brazil financial minister

SAO PAULO/BRASILIA (Reuters) – Respected Brazilian banking executive Joaquim Levy is among 3 finalists to turn a country’s subsequent financial minister, and President Dilma Rousseff could announce her collect after on Friday, a supervision executive said.

Investors wish Rousseff will name a market-friendly figure such as Levy, who would vigilance a change divided from a leftist, interventionist policies they censure for Brazil’s low mercantile expansion in new years.

The other contenders are executive bank boss Alexandre Tombini and Nelson Barbosa, a former number-two executive during a financial ministry, a executive pronounced on condition of anonymity.

At this time, Rousseff favors withdrawal Tombini during a executive bank, pronounced another executive tighten to a deliberations.

Levy is arch executive officer of Bradesco Asset Management, an arm of Banco Bradesco SA, a nation’s second-largest private-sector bank. He was also a book arch during a initial tenure of Rousseff’s prototype and domestic mentor, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Levy was a last-minute further to a competition after his co-worker Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Banco Bradesco’s CEO, reportedly incited down a method pursuit on Thursday.

Still, Levy is widely reputable among investors for being a mercantile conservative. Brazilian batch and banking markets rallied on Thursday on a possibility that Rousseff will collect him for a job.

Brazil’s benchmark Bovespa batch index surged 3 percent while Brazilian genuine gained scarcely 2 percent.

“Levy is good famous as an approved and pro-market policymaker who should assistance in a tough charge of mercantile adjustment,” Tony Volpon, conduct of rising marketplace investigate for Nomura Securities, wrote in a note to clients.

The University of Chicago-trained economist is deliberate a mercantile hawk who helped Brazil obtain a investment credit class as book secretary, by gripping spending in check and overhauling a debt structure.

As minister, he would expected pull for some-more clarity in mercantile accounts, that have run-down underneath Rousseff and lifted a ghost of a debt downgrade.

Tombini and Barbosa are both seen as some-more assuage than stream Finance Minister Guido Mantega, though their appointment to a method would expected vigilance relations process continuity.

(Reporting by Brian Winter and Luciana Otoni; Editing by Bernadette Baum and Nick Zieminski)

Is The US Stock Market Unhealthy?


The US batch market, as totalled by a SP 500, is adult over 11% so distant in 2014.  Coming after a 30% benefit in 2013, this year’s certain gain have held many veteran investors off guard.  The US batch marketplace is a marketplace of skepticism.  It is a longhorn marketplace that is unloved and deliberate by many to be complacent, “unhealthy,” and manipulated aloft by uncalled-for liquidity supposing by a Federal Reserve.  These disastrous feelings are not though merit, though as a ubiquitous matter batch indices are not utterly as diseased as a many disastrous bears would have us believe.

The many common batch marketplace gratefulness metric – a cost to gain ratio – stands during historically high levels.  The stream twelve month brazen P/E is 16 times that is above a 5 and 10 year averages of 13.5 and 14.1.  Many batch marketplace analysts cite to use cyclically practiced measures to well-spoken over peaks and troughs of gain over time.  The “Shiller P/E” of a batch marketplace is also flashing red. It now sits during 27.19 and is distant above a normal of 16.5 times earnings.  A box that US bonds are overvalued compared to their prolonged tenure averages seems compelling.

If that sounds overly simplistic, it is.  When one looks during any series that is a product of division, remember that a divisor or integer can be changed.  Another marketplace outcome could be that bonds “grow” into their mixed by posting an sum aloft volume of earnings.  That is, a batch marketplace might cost a destiny expansion of companies into today’s prices though assigning aloft prices during a after duration of time.  That is a singular unfolding during best.  Most often, attendant gain simply defect or valuations get too distant brazen of fundamentals.  For example, in this ongoing third entertain gain season, 77% of companies have reported gain above a normal gain guess that were heavily reduced (halved) compared to where they stood during a commencement of a summer.

As a significant matter, P/E ratios can go most aloft from today’s levels.  A brazen P/E ratio of 18 or even 20 in times of good cyclical growth, low seductiveness rates, rarely accommodative executive banks, few process risks, is not unthinkable.  Does such a serene sourroundings for bonds exist?  The universe is in an epoch of dispute on a limit of Europe (Ukraine), terrorism in a Middle East (ISIS) and a festering health predicament (Ebola).  In addition, executive bank process is rarely accommodative given Europe and Japan are fighting deflation, demographic problems and miss of final direct caused by constructional mercantile problems.  These are not easy issues.  US batch marketplace bears have reason to be apoplectic over a implausible opening of US bonds given a SP 500 strike a low of 666 on Mar 9th, 2009.

11.21.14.Stock marketplace picture

So because have US bonds achieved good over a final dual years?  Certainly a partial of a opening is due to a support of a Federal Reserve.  That research is a bit of chicken-and-egg.  It is misleading either financial process caused US strength or a US grew in annoy of non-traditional financial policy.  Nonetheless, US bonds have benefited from a improved US economy (i.e., reduce unemployment, 0 firm seductiveness rates, unchanging corporate earnings, etc.).  In essence, a Federal Reserve positive a marketplace that it would not let financial institutions fail, not concede a vast scale recession, and yield 0 firm seductiveness rates for a really prolonged time.  In total, these policies authorised corporate change piece restructuring while companies got really gaunt by slicing costs and concurrently regulating liquidity and low rates to buy behind stocks.  Just demeanour during a open statements of former Fed Chair Bernanke to see that he undisguised and intentionally dictated to increase a prices of stocks.  The fact that bonds went up, should be reduction startling than it apparently is for many marketplace participants.

When marketplace prognosticators demeanour during US bonds and explain them to be unhealthy, they are generally articulate about technical indicators of strength and weakness.  Here is a pivotal to a SP 500: it is a marketplace capitalization weighted index.  That means that a biggest companies comment for an oversized commission of a statistics compared with a index.  Those companies embody Apple Apple, Exxon Mobile, Microsoft Microsoft, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, GE, Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo, Procter Gamble, Chevron and Walmart.  The smallest of those companies has a $240 billion marketplace top while a normal SP 500 marketplace top is $38 billion.  Take note that blindly equating a SP 500 to US bonds warps analysis.  Yes, a indices are a accessible approach to speak about bonds and an even improved approach to trade futures and risk conduct portfolios, though a whole story is not told by a index.

5 holiday budgeting tips to assistance we stay on track

Presents, family dishes and decorations all put a aria on your wallet.

Creating a holiday bill and adhering to it can assistance keep we on track. Here are some budgeting tips for a busiest selling deteriorate of a year.

Don’t only budget; lane your spending, too. While environment a bill is a good initial step, it won’t assistance we save income in a prolonged run if we don’t lane your spending to see if we stranded with a strange budget.

List your spending categories: Include gifts (be certain to list them), decorations, holiday cards, gift-wrapping supplies, etc. Set unsentimental spending goals for any of these categories, and afterwards be certain to lane how most we indeed spend.

Get a inside lane for sales: You can get entrance to special deals and sales by following retailers on amicable media. Whether we use Facebook, Twitter or simply allow to an email newsletter, many retailers will appreciate we for your faithfulness with discounts and coupons that are not offering to a ubiquitous public.

Avoid incentive buys: Holiday sales can be generally tantalizing (Black Friday and Cyber Monday for example), though a illusory deals on these days also can lead to incentive buys.

If an object isn’t on a list of designed purchases from your budget, wait during slightest 24 hours. After you’ve slept on it, if we still wish a random item, see if we can work it into a bill but straining your other financial obligations.

Save your bill for subsequent year: After a holidays, don’t chuck divided this year’s holiday budget. Save it and use it as a indication for subsequent year’s shopping. Make records of where we deviated from a strange budget, so that subsequent year’s is some-more accurate.

You also can use a present lists from year to year. If we know good in allege what equipment we wish to buy, we can emporium for them during a deteriorate when they’re cheapest, rather than during a holidays.

Tracy L. Knoll is deposit, operations, and selling administrator for KeySavings Bank.

SEC Commissioner Says We’re Wasting Money Trying To Protect Millionaires

plane income income REUTERS/Dadang Tri

FA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers a tip news and explanation for financial advisers.

SEC Chief: We’re Wasting Money Trying To Protect Millionaires (Think Advisor) 

Right now a SEC is examining probable changes to a accredited financier definition. SEC president Mary Jo White wants to make certain that a SEC is scrupulously identifying a investors who fit that definition. 

But SEC commissioner Daniel Gallagher doesn’t consider this is required given “millionaires can deflect for themselves,” reports Melanie Waddell.

“Why should we spend singular elect resources ‘protecting’ a wealthiest 2% to 3% of investors in a country? This mania with ‘protecting’ millionaires — potentially during a cost of opposition a extravagantly successful and critically critical private markets — strains proof and reason,” Gallagher said.

Foreign Central Banks Offer Up A Glimmer Of Hope (Charles Schwab) 

Although Europe’s third-quarter GDP was somewhat improved than expected, things aren’t looking good. The 18 euro-using economies haven’t posted quarterly enlargement numbers larger than 0.3% given Q2 2013. “Europe’s economy has remained solidified in place good over a past few quarters: genuine GDP is in-line with where it was 4 years ago,” write Liz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen, and Jeffrey Kleintop.

However, a European Central Bank is starting to act some-more aggressively. It’s denounced a disastrous deposition rate, long-term loans to banks, and purchases of assets. “Global economies sojourn weak, though we are saying a spark of wish from stepped adult responses from unfamiliar executive banks,” they add.

Two Advisers Worth $2.1 Billion Quit Merrill Lynch (Investment News)

“Two advisers who before managed around $2.1 billion over for opposition firms in California, according to member during a recruiting firms. Both had ties to Merrill Lynch’s chosen private banking and investment group, that comprises 150 confidant teams portion ultra-wealthy clients,” reports Mason Braswell.

James Hulburd, who managed $1.5 billion, changed to UBS, while John Van Donge, who managed $600 million, changed to Stifel Nicolaus Co.

Merrill Lynch has had a fibre of advisers leave. And a firm’s brokerage chief, John Thiel, was questioned by executives over new attrition, Braswell reports.

An Adviser Was Expelled From The Industry After He Caused Elderly Investors To Lose $340,000 (Financial Planning) 

Former CUSO Financial Services confidant Patrick Richard Harrison was criminialized from a attention after he reportedly was concerned in bonds exchange that caused dual aged investors to remove larger than $340,000, according to Margarida Correia.

Harrison “introduced a investors to an particular who supposed to sell them ignored shares in a publicly traded informal bank. Harrison participated in phone calls with a investors and a bonds seller about a investment opportunity, and assisted in carrying supports deposited with a seller and entities he controlled,” reports Correia.

And while a investors mislaid money, Harrison done $14,000.

Japan’s QE Program Is Great For Global Risk Assets, But Terrible For The Yen (Advisor Perspectives) 

The Bank of Japan recently announced an enlargement in item purchases identical to a Fed’s QE, that should account large supervision indebtedness and facilitates grant account reform. This could yield a boost to Japanese item prices and give support to Japanese Prime Minster Abe.

“Pumping income into a economy and changing a item allocation brew of a trillion-dollar grant intrigue has had an impact on Japan’s domestic item prices. Globally, it’s also really supportive, in a view, given income is fungible. Money that is printed in Japan doesn’t only stay in Japan; it flows into other markets. So we consider Japan’s QE module is really certain for tellurian risk resources though will be unambiguously disastrous for a yen,” wrote Mark Mobius and Michael Hasenstab.

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